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  1. Michael Oher's Family: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know. Michael Oher and his family have lived in the spotlight for years after the release of The Blind Side. ( Instagram) Michael Oher was famous.
  2. Michael Oher - Early Life, Family, and Education. Michael Oher was born on May 28, 1986. Born in Memphis, Tennessee, United States, Oher grew up with eight siblings of him. Michael Jerome Williams and Denise Oher are Michael Oher's parents. The future All-Americans didn't receive any proper guidance and discipline in his childhood
  3. Michael Oher Net Worth 2020: Age, Height, Weight, Girlfriend, Dating, Bio-Wiki. Michael Oher is a well-known football offensive tackle from America who has played for the Baltimore Ravens, Carolina Panthers, and Tennessee Titans. He is currently a free agent
  4. June 14, 2021. Michael Jerome Oher was born on May 28, 1986, (34) in Memphis, Tennessee. He is the son of mom, Denise Oher, and, dad, Michael Jerome Williams. Has a total of 13 siblings. Later adopted by Sean Tuohy and Leigh Anne Tuohy. Belongs to the African-American ethnicity
  5. Oher's story was told in Michael Lewis' book The Blind Side and the Sandra Bullock film of the same name. Early Life Oher was born Michael Jerome Williams Jr. on May 28, 1986, in Memphis, Tennessee
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Michael. The adopted son of Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy, Michael spent most of his childhood in various foster homes and moved in with the Tuohys when he was 16. When someone comes into your life, like a Michael Oher, trust me , when I tell you that you (the giver) will benefit much more than the receiver ever will The Blind Side is one of those movies you never really forget. The plot centers around the true story of football player Michael Oher's life, starting with his tough upbringing and struggle with homelessness. Leigh Anne Tuohy (Sandra Bullock) and Sean Tuohy take in the oversized kid and help transform him into an All-American offensive lineman and eventual NFL first-round draft pick After time in and out of foster homes as his mother battled addiction, Oher was eventually adopted as a teen by the Tuohy family. His story of defying the odds became the inspiration for 2009's. 4. When Michael Oher Met the Tuohy Family. In the film, the Tuohy family first encounters Michael Oher as a storm-battered boy left out in the rain, his clothes drenched and his body cold. The film would have most believe that that's how their relationship began, with Oher moving in with them and then life starting fresh and anew

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Michael Oher and the Tuohy family were a good match, but their lives weren't as perfect as Hollywood made them out to be. The Tuohys saw him as an amazing son and older sibling, and he appreciated them for becoming the supportive parents he never had. But sadly, things were not as sunny as they seemed to be in the film Oher still appreciates his adoptive family, and he bonded well with Collins and S.J. Tuohy. However, the relationship needed time to grow and did not quite happen overnight. Again, the Hollywood illusion of instant perfection might feel good in a movie, but things weren't so perfect in real life Michael Oher comes from the family of Denise Oher and Michael Jerome Williams but was later adopted by Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy. Michael Oher was born on the 28th of May in the year 1986 to Denise Oher and Michael Jerome Williams. While growing up, Michael Oher lived with 11 of his siblings in his house Michael Jerome Oher (/ ɔː r /; né Williams Jr.; born May 28, 1986) is a former American football offensive tackle who played in the National Football League (NFL) for eight seasons, primarily with the Baltimore Ravens.He played college football for the University of Mississippi, where he earned unanimous All-American honors, and was selected by the Ravens in the first round of the 2009 NFL. Michael was murdered in prison when the future NFL star studied at high school. Denise Oher (mother) Year of Birth: 1958. Denise had troubles with alcohol and drugs. Besides Michael, she is a mom to 11 more children. In 2017, the woman told that she hadn't taken drugs and drunk alcohol for several years

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  1. Michael Oher has a big family and his siblings are named John Oher, Carlos Oher, Denise Oher, Tara Oher, Rico Oher and Telijuan Oher. His adoptive siblings are Collins Tuohy (born on December 29, 1986) and Sean Tuohy Jr. (born on July 4, 1993). Collins is married to Cannon Smith since 2016 and she is known for being an established blogger.
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  3. Michael Oher I sone of those figures who are the real inspiration to the world due to the picture displayed about him. However, even though he is the man behind Blind Side movie, he has been trying to distance himself from it due to a lot of inaccuracies of the movie.Many people have also been intrigued since they do not know whether he is married or not since there have been numerous texts.
  4. The adopted family Tuohy of Michael Oher. (Credit:pininterest.com) However, in 2004, when he was nearly 16 years, he was adopted by a family of Leigh Anne Tuohy and Sean, who owned a fast-food franchise. At the age of seventeen, they were his legal guardians taking care of him

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The book, which included the narrative of Oher's adoption by the wealthy, white Memphis, Tenn. family the Tuohys, led by matriarch Leigh Anne Tuohy (played by Bullock), was then adapted into a film Michael Oher. Also, he made a great deal of salary from his career. As per the report, on average, he makes an annual salary of around 2.7 million. Michael Oher Career. Michael Oher had a very lucrative career in the NFL which began after the Tuohy family adopted him eventually putting all the financial efforts to backup Oher's learnings and. Michael Oher comes from a large family of 14 children, including father and mother. He is one of twelve children born to his mother. Through his adoptive parents, he has a sister named Collins Tuohy: a popular actress and public speaker. He also has a brother named Sean Tuohy Jr. who is the assistant to the head coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks. Find about his Bio, Wife, Siblings, Family, Net Worth, Son, Girlfriend. Due to his family problems, Michael Oher was admitted to a foster home at the age of 7 and switched between living in different foster homes and periods of homelessness. When he was 9 years old, he had attended eleven different courses

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  1. The professional career of Michael Oher as an NFL player is the primary source of his net worth and fortune. As per celebritynetworth.com, the estimated salary of Michael Oher is $15 million, and he makes $2.7 million per year with his outstanding career as a football player. Michael, age 32, started his career with Ole Miss Rebels as a guard.
  2. Oher still appreciates his adoptive family, and he bonded well with Collins and S.J. Tuohy. However, the relationship needed time to grow and did not quite happen overnight. Again, the Hollywood illusion of instant perfection might feel good in a movie, but things weren't so perfect in real life
  3. Michael Oher is one of the most famous athletes and celebrities around. Not just because of his NFL career, but also because of how his life story became The Blind Side became really famous. For more info on Oher's personal life, wife, and family, continue below. Michael Oher Quick Facts. Birthday: May 28, 198
  4. Michael Oher's mother is grateful to the family of Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy for helping her young man so much. I'm grateful that they came. God placed them in our lives, Oher said
  5. Her mother is an American interior designer known for being the legal guardian of Michael Oher while her father is an American sports commentator as well as a restaurateur. Her parents were authors and owned by a fast-food franchise. Tuohy and her family rose to fame after they were brought when her mother adopted NFL lineman Michael Oher
  6. In 2009 her family's based movie The Blind Side earned more than $300 million at the box office. Check out the interview where Collins Tuohy reveals that her older brother, 6'4 football star Michael Oher, is kind-hearted teddy bear on the inside. Body Measurements. Age: As of 2019, she is 32 years old. Height: She stands at a height of average.
  7. Leigh Anne Tuohy (née Roberts; born August 9, 1960) is an American businesswoman and interior designer. She is best known for being the adoptive mother of Michael Oher.Their story was featured in the 2006 book The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game and its 2009 feature film adaptation The Blind Side. In the film, Tuohy was portrayed by Sandra Bullock, who won an Academy Award and a Golden Globe.

Oher, a native of Memphis, Tennessee, is best known as the subject of the 2009 Hollywood movie The Blind Side.'' Offensive tackle Michael Oher is due in court next week after being cited for. Michael Oher is the inspiration behind the movie The Blind Side. We take a look at the life of Michael Oher, as we learn more about his siblings, mother and family. Biography. Michael was born as Michael Jerome Williams Jr, to Denise Oher and Michael Jerome Williams Snr, on May 28, 1986

Michael Oher Family. Denise Oher is the daughter of Michael Jerome Williams and Michael Oher. He had an alcoholic mother and an alcoholic father. His parents were unable to care for him, so he was placed in foster homes. During his 16th year of life, he was adopted by a Tuohy family. At the time of his high school graduation, his father was in. Michael Oher went from foster care to becoming an NFL first-round draft pick, an inspirational story that was the basis of the Sandra Bullock film The Blind Side.Bullock won an Oscar for her. Michael Oher is a legendary NFL football Player. His mother was an alcoholic whereas his father was a prisoner. Tuohy's family adopted Michael at the age of 16. His movie was The Blind Light which got nominated for The Academy Award. He has a net worth of approximately $20 million. Michael Oher and Herschel Walker are both popular NFL players

Michael Oher Wiki Biography. Michael Jerome Oher was born on 28 May 1986, in Memphis, Tennessee USA. He is a well-known American football player, who has played in such teams as the Baltimore Ravens, Tennessee Titans and Carolina Panthers. Michael has achieved many titles and awards during his career Michael Oher said the 2009 hit movie The Blind Side has taken away from what he does on the field. Andrew Weber/USA TODAY Sports I'm not trying to prove anything,'' Oher said. People look at. Former Baltimore Ravens offensive lineman Michael Oher is known for more than serving as Joe Flacco 's blindside. A first-round pick in 2009, Oher — who spent five of his eight NFL seasons with the Baltimore Ravens — inspired The Blind Side, an Academy-Award winning film about his journey from at-risk teenager to All-SEC lineman at Ole Miss Early life of Michael Oher - The True Version. The former tackle was born on May 28, 1986 in Memphis, Tennessee. In his early real life, Oher did come from a broken family with problematic parents and too many mouths to feed. As a result, he was doing poorly as a student until he was taken by several foster families and finally adopted by the.

When Michael Oher was taken in by the Tuohy family, the Tuohy's son S.J. (Sean Jr.) was 8-years-old at the time (NYTimes.com). Actor Jay Head, who portrays S.J. in the movie, had just turned 11-years-old when filming began, although onscreen he looks to be a few years younger than he is and more in line with the true story Michael Oher was born on May 28, 1986, in Memphis, Tennessee, to his mother, Denise Oher, who was an alcoholic and a crack cocaine addict, while his biological father, Michael Jerome Williams, was often in prison. Oher was one of the 12 children born to his mother, and due to his family situation, he received very little attention and. Oher and his adoptive family were depicted in the book and movie, The Blind Side. Oher will play in his first Super Bowl on Sunday, Feb. 3, 2013, in New Orleans, which is where his adoptive father grew up and went to high school with author Michael Lewis, who wrote The Blind Side. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull

Michael Oher's Biography. Big Mike was born on May 28, 1986, with Michael Jerome Williams, Jr. as his full name. He is a native of Memphis, Tennessee and he grew up in a large family of twelve children with his parents - Denise Oher and Michael Jerome Williams. Mike endured a rocky life as a young child and this affected his education The Blind Side movie oversimplifies Michael Oher's journey. The Blind Side gives the bulk of the credit for Oher's rise from poverty to football star to the Tuohys. And, of course, to Oher's. Michael Oher Family: Oher spent his childhood in poverty and often abused by his parents. His mother Denise was not much loving, while his father Michael was often imprisoned until he eventually killed there. He has 11 siblings and his parents were unable to attend them properly. That's why Oher was sent to foster home when he was only 7 It shook tears from our eyes, pulled laughs from our bellies and made us fall in love with football — but more importantly a family. The 2009 movie based on Michael Lewis' 2006 book The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game centered around the Tuohy family , who adopted a homeless and talented yet raw football player named Michael Oher

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Michael Oher's story is the secondary aspect of the book, while it also profiled the Hall of Fame-renowned football player, Lawrence Taylor. The book and the film are two very different pieces of work. Not an overnight success. When Oher was introduced to his new family, The Blind Side makes it seem as though it was an instant success Michael Oher was a former American football player who plied his trade as an offensive tackle in the National Football League (NFL). In his short seven-year NFL career, Oher represented the Baltimore Ravens, the Tennesee Titans and the Carolina Panthers Learn about Michael Oher Net Worth, Biography, Age, Birthday, Height, Early Life, Family, Dating, Partner, Wiki and Facts. Who is Michael Oher: Michael Oher is a famous Football Player. He was born on May 28, 1986 and his birthplace is Memphis, TN. Michael is also well known as, NFL offensive lineman whose life inspired th

Mar 11, 2019 - Michael Oher's familu: mother, father, siblings, wife and kids. Despite having a difficult childhood, Michael became a real NFL star, who gained the Super Bowl in 201 Booking Collins: http://gtnspk.rs/BookCollinsSubscribe to us on YouTube: http://gtnspk.rs/GTNChannelLike us on Facebook: http://gtnspk.rs/GTNFaceBookFollow u.. Denise Oher. Sean Tuohy is a coach at Briarcrest at the time when Michael Oher enrolls there. A self-made millionaire (he owns a chain of Taco Bells), Tuohy was born into a poor family and gradually worked his way up to success, playing basketball for the University of Mississippi and later going into business

Leah Anne Touhy a mother of the memphis family took strong effort in changing Michael Oher, a troublesome kid's life for the better. Leah brought Michael into the family as one of their own. Leah then saw that Michael Oher, was born into a family of 12, was held back 2 years in elementary school and had a horrible education record with a .6 GPA Michael Oher at Baltimore Ravens Training Camp August 5, 2009 Keith Allison This may come as a shock, but they tend to embellish things in Hollywood, he said. Real life Mike Oher is better, Teammate Matt Birk. Michael Oher has had both a book and an Academy Award winning movie about his difficult childhood and his success in overcoming many obstacles The story of Michael Oher, the NFL player who went to live with a wealthy family in Memphis after a difficult youth and was able to lift himself out of poor academic performance and other obstacles Michael Oher's story became The Blind Side, the book, and then it became a movie. In his new autobiography, he brings a little perspective to a story that sometimes left him out of the equation

Talk about a 'Super day for the Oher family. Michael's victory in New Orleans Sunday wasn't the only reason for the Oher family to celebrate — Denise Oher said she is now living a clean and. They are the proud parents of daughter Collins and sons Sean, Jr., and Michael Oher. In February 2013, Leigh Anne and the whole Tuohy family were on the sidelines cheering Michael and the Baltimore Ravens on to his first Super Bowl victory. Oher then went on to play as Offensive Tackle for the NFL's Carolina Panthers

Little brother to adopted NFL star Michael Oher, made famous by 'The Blind Side', now works for Arkansas' college football team. Sean 'SJ' Tuohy, Jr, was played at age 11 by actor Jae Head, seen. Michael Oher. T Info; Stats; Advertising. Summary; Career; Logs; Splits; Situational; Receiving YEAR TEAM G REC YDS AVG LNG TD 1st 1st% 20+ 40+ 2009 Baltimore Ravens 16. 1 of 2. Buy Now. Miss Sue Mitchell, who famously tutored Baltimore Ravens offensive tackle Michael Oher in the book and subsequent movie, The Blind Side, was a keynote speaker at the.

Michael Oher's Net Worth in 2017 From the 2006 book, The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game , and the Oscar-winning movie, we know Oher had spent the better part of his youth homeless and without a family until he was taken in by the Tuohys, who became his foster parents Although Michael Oher had hoped to continue his career in the NFL, a severe concussion ultimately kept him on the sidelines. In summer 2017, Oher, 34, was released by the Carolina Panthers after.

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Michael Oher. 729,609 likes · 3,893 talking about this. Welcome to my official fan page Michael Oher and SJ: A New Family. Michael still slept on the couch but was becoming part of the Tuohy family. He and the nine-year-old son, Sean Jr., became good friends. Finally, after several weeks of staying at the Tuohys' house, Leigh Anne asked Michael if he'd like to stay permanently. She bought a dresser and a futon and showed. Michael Oher's great family life is the inspiration behind Michael Lewis's book and a movie named The Blind Side: Evolution of a game . Siblings. Oher was one of the eleven children of his biological parents. Career Highlights. Oher chose to play for the University of Mississippi despite having an array of opportunities knocking his door

Is Michael Oher still with the Tuohy family? Oher still appreciates his adoptive family, and he bonded well with Collins and S.J. Tuohy. However, the relationship needed time to grow and did not quite happen overnight. Eventually, Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy adopted Oher, officially making him part of the family.. Michael Oher's wife is Tiffany Michelle Roy. For some reason, his fans assumed that he was married to Tabitha Soren, but this was a big misunderstanding. In fact, he has been married to Tiffany for quite some time now, and she is in charge of promoting his brand. Tiffany with Oher's adopted family. @sugarfries. Source: UGC The story of the Tuohy family was depicted in the movie 'The Blind Side' and trust us you will start loving them after knowing their story if you haven't already. Michael Oher, the great footballer, wouldn't have been the person both in his personal and professional life as he is right now if it wasn't the help that he got from his family Ed Orgeron was Michael Oher's coach at Ole Miss. Were you happy to see Orgeron win a national championship with LSU? Leigh Anne Tuohy: Absolutely. It was a tough call for us because (Clemson head coach) Dabo (Swinney) is a dear family friend, but so are Ed and Kelly (Orgeron's wife). So we cheered for both of them but I was very happy for Ed

Michael Oher's mother, Denise, lived with Michael and his siblings in Hurt Village in Memphis. According to The Blind Side, Michael remembers Denise loving her children, even though she couldn't provide for them. Read more about Michael Oher, his mother, and his difficult childhood. Michael Oher: Mother Offers Clue Tuohy and her family are famous for having adopted Michael Oher, who is now a professional football player. Today, Tuohy is embarking on a new reality TV series called Family Addition , in which she helps foster and adoptive families navigate through the system to, hopefully, make a child a permanent part of their lives Leigh Anne Tuohy is the matriarch of the Tuohy family, the wife of Sean Tuohy, a devout Christian, and the person most responsible for helping Michael Oher achieve success. It is Leigh Anne who, shortly after Michael enrolls at Briarcrest, notices that Michael needs food, clothing, and shelter, buys him what he needs, and eventually allows him to sleep in the Tuohy home The Tuohy family did in fact see Michael Oher on the side of the road (in reality, this happened on a cold morning during Thanksgiving break and not at night like the movie shows). Leigh Anne and her husband saw Michael get off a bus in the snow dressed in cutoff jeans and a t-shirt. The day after seeing Michael outside in a t-shirt, Leigh Anne.

Collins Tuohy is an actress, public speaker, and the adoptive sister of American Football offensive tackle Michael Oher. Check out this biography to know about her childhood, family life, achievements and fun facts about her life Michael Oher was born on May 28, 1986 in Tennessee. He is currently 32 years old. Oher comes from a large family of 11 siblings. His mother's name is Denise Oher. His mother led a tragic life of drug addiction and alcoholism. His father, Michael Jerome spent most of Oher's childhood in and out of jail. Oher did not have a typical childhood.

Michael Oher's Mother Leigh Anne Tuohy & Adopted Family. As you all know, Michael Oher was the inspiration behind the Michael Lewis book, The Blind Side. In the book and movie, Michael Oher was a homeless teen. But, he was soon adopted by a loving family Michael Oher is playing in the Super Bowl, which means the Tuohys are in Santa Clara, Calif., as well. You know, the family that took Oher in as a boy and helped him develop as a person and as an. Left tackle Michael Oher has revived his career after signing with the Carolina Panthers this past offseason. The family that adopted him -- as made famous by the book that turned into the movie. Meet Michael Oher (pronounced OAR), a 6-5, 309-pound All-America tackle from the University of Mississippi who is the subject of a best-selling book and movie, The Blind Side. Among 13 siblings from the poorest part of Memphis, he never knew his father, whose murder he learned of months after the fact in high school

About. Also known as SJ Tuohy, he is the son of Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy, the famed parents who took in future NFL offensive lineman Michael Oher.His family's story became the subject of Michael Lewis's 2006 book The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game and the 2009 film The Blindside.. Before Fame. He earned All-Division 2A West Second Team honors by leading his Briarcrest Christian High School. Michael Jerome Oher is a celebrated American football offensive tackle of the National Football League's Carolina Panthers. Oher was born on May 28, 1986, in Memphis, Tennessee.He was born in a broken family and received no care from his parents. His mother was a drug addict while his father was on and off in prison

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Panthers left tackle Michael Oher has reportedly been accused of assaulting an Uber driver in Nashville last month. He was cited with misdemeanor assault. WSOCTV.com, WKRN.com, and The Tennessean. Explain that authors write most biographies to inform. Ask students if they have heard of NFL football player Michael Oher, and to share what they know about him. (Oher was one of the subjects of the book and movie 'The Blind Side'). Have students work with a partner to research and write a one-page biography of Michael Oher Michael Oher turned himself in to Metropolitan Nashville Police Department on Monday after being accused of assaulting an Uber driver. Police in Nashville said the incident happened on April 14. Oher was a member of the Super Bowl winning 2013 Ravens team, and now heads to his second Super Bowl with the Carolina Panthers this weekend, with his proud family in tow. Tuohy sat down with. By his own admission, Michael Oher preferred to observe rather than participate in social settings when he was a young man. In fact, his silence was so disconcerting to social workers in Memphis.

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Michael Oher, the protagonist of the movie The Blind Side, is a troubled African American boy. He was one of twelve children growing up in the broken home of their alcoholic and crack addicted mother. Michael's absentee father was not present in Michael's life, as he was frequently in prison and away from their home Michael Oher Tuohy's family is the subject of the new Sandra Bullock flick, The Blind Side. Even though the 2009 first-round NFL draft pick for the Ravens might be living the good life now, things. Transaction, fine, and suspension data since 2015. July 20, 2017: Carolina Panthers cut T Michael Oher. November 25, 2016: Carolina Panthers placed T Michael Oher on IR. June 17, 2016: Carolina Panthers signed T Michael Oher to a three-year, $21.6 million contract extension. March 6, 2015: Carolina Panthers signed T Michael Oher to a two-year. Michael Oher. On 28-5-1986 Michael Oher (nickname: Big Mike) was born in Memphis, Tennessee. He made his 20 million dollar fortune with Baltimore Ravens, Tennessee Titans & Carolina Panthers. The football player is currently single, his starsign is Gemini and he is now 35 years of age. Michael Oher is an American football offensive tackle who.

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Michael Oher. Michael Oher is the protagonist of The Blind Side, and a real-life NFL star, who's played offensive tackle for the Baltimore Ravens, the Tennessee Titans, and the Carolina Panthers. Growing up in inner-city Memphis read analysis of Michael Oher Michael Oher is the adopted child who inspired Blind Side starring Sandra Bullock and became a Super Bowl winner with the Baltimore Ravens. Oher was adopted by the Tuohy family, who could be. It is Michael Oher. A woman took custody of a boy from a dysfunctional family and changed his life. Sometimes it happens that people appear in our lives for a reason. This is what happened to Leigh Anne and Michael. On a cold autumn evening, the Tuohy family returned home

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The 2009 film The Blind Side depicts the true story of Michael Oher, a homeless teenager. A family takes him in and helps him overcome learning difficulties and achieve excellence in American football. In one scene, the family talks with Michael about the possibility of adopting him after he'd been living with them for several months Super Bowl XLVII: Fate leads Michael Oher's 'Blind Side' family to New Orleans. Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy, adoptive parents of Baltimore Ravens starting offensive lineman Michael Oher, stand on a. Michael Oher Net Worth: Michael Oher is an American football offensive tackle who has a net worth of $16 million.Oher's personal story was chronicled in the Academy Award-winning 2009 film The.

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Michael Oher's improbable transformation could never have happened if Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy had not opened their hearts to him. In this compelling, funny, and profoundly inspiring book, In a Heartbeat , the Tuohys take us on an extraordinary journey of faith and love--and teach us unforgettable lessons about the power of giving Presser: Michael Oher talks about getting his cont Press conference following the final practice of mini camp. NOW PLAYING video Wink Martindale Likes the Physicality He Sees in Pads. Michael Oher Net Worth, Wife, Family, Height, Siblings And Wikipedia. Biography 2 weeks ago. Mike Rowe Net Work, Wife, Political Party, Son, Age And Bio. Biography 3 months ago. Wilbur Soot Net Worth in 2021, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Bio and Wiki. Celebrity Quotes 8 months ago The Tuohy family's life, as chronicled in Michael Lewis' New York Times number one best-seller The Blind Side, went on to become a record-breaking Hollywood blockbuster that earned more than $300 million at the box office and became the number-one opening weekend for a sports film in history Michael suffers many trials throughout his life and ends of up being taken in by Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy. While Michael is transforming by the Tuohy family, the Tuohy family is changed by young Michael Oher. This is an eye-opening and powerful film. Introduction Michael Oher is an African American who had

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